Outdoor Furniture Care Instructions

Our outdoor products are intended for use outdoors and both the wood and the finish were selected for their durability outside. We use high quality coated screws in our construction to prevent rusting and staining and plug all holes both for beauty and more importantly to prevent standing water.

No matter what material or finish is used, the sun and weather are hard on outdoor furniture and proper care will extend its beauty and life greatly.  To maximize the life and beauty of your new outdoor furniture, bring it in during the winter months when not being used if possible, and re-apply finish as needed. Furniture directly in the weather and sun will need a quick wipe down with finish every year or two, while furniture on a covered porch may go several years before it needs a new coat of finish.  To re-apply finish, first wipe down the furniture with a damp cloth then when dry, dip a soft rag in the finish and wipe down all easily accessible area of the furniture with a thin coat of finish. 

Mold:  Mold or Mildew sometimes occurs on furniture that is in a damp shaded climate for extended periods.  If your furniture has developed small black spots of mold or mildew, make a weak solution of Clorox in water and wipe down the furniture.  After allowing it to sit on the furniture for 15 minutes or so, rinse it off, then re-apply a coat of finish after the furniture dries.


If you have any questions on the care of your furniture, please feel free to contact us.